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MPISD Frequently Asked Questions

This is the area that members may find answers to frequently asked questions.  To view an answer, simply click on the question and it will expand to reveal the answer.  If you would like to see additional answers added to this FAQ, please reach out to our Chapter Manager and we will be happy to consider your suggestion.

How do I register for a meeting?

MPI San Diego hosts special events and education programs monthly.  We offer online registration for all of our events. Click on the EVENTS tab above on the horizontal menu bar at the top of this page to view the complete calendar.

How do I update my member information with MPI?

The San Diego Chapter no longer manages individual membership profiles. To update your profile with MPI, you need to notify the MPI Global directly. CLICK HERE to update your profile and look for the “Login to your account” in the top right.

If I want to join a committee, who do I contact?

You may contact our human resources team directly by visiting the Volunteer Opportunities page. You may also contact Erin Scholes, Chapter Executive Director at 858-270-2103 or email her at

Is there a Member Orientation?

MPI San Diego holds Get Acquainted with MPI sessions prior to our chapter educational meetings. If you are a new member and are interested in attending one of these invaluable sessions, please contact us at

How do I join the Chapter CMP Study Group?

For more information or to join the study group, please contact:

Michelle Schneider, CMP
CMP Study Group Committee Chair

How can I provide feedback to the chapter?

Yes! You may send a comment or question by going to the Feedback page and filling out the form.

What marketing opportunities are available through MPI San Diego Chapter?

MPISD is comprised of nearly 350 San Diego area meetings industry professionals. Members include corporate, association and independent planners as well as a variety of meeting related suppliers. MPISD has a number of marketing opportunities available for organizations wishing to reach this highly targeted audience. These opportunities include: meeting sponsorship, directory, website, eNews and newsletter advertising, special event sponsorship, and in-kind donations. Please visit our advertising and Why Become a Partner pages.

How do I make the most of my MPI membership?

Get involved and become an MPI leader. Start by joining a committee…it’s fun and the networking opportunities are endless. Then consider moving through the leadership track. Chair a committee, serve as a board member, go for President! The SDMPI leadership track is an incredible way to develop skills that are transferable to your profession and build credibility with your employers and clients.

Can I transfer my membership to another person from my company?

Yes! MPI’s membership transfer policy enables members to maintain their MPI relationship no matter where their career pursuits may take them. MPI membership belongs to the individual supplier or planner who originally joins the association, even if the employer paid for it.

In the event a member finds it necessary to terminate his/her membership, it is the right of the member to transfer his/her membership to a qualified employee within the same company.The member may do so providing that a written notice of transfer of membership, signed by the current member, with proper and complete paperwork, is provided to MPI headquarters prior to the expiration date of membership. The notice must include the full name and address of the new member who will assume the current membership through its expiration date. No planner match is required of the supplier. No application fee applies. The individual receiving the transfer must complete an MPI membership application.

Employers that lose membership representation in MPI, due to a member employee leaving the company and taking his/her membership with him/her, may apply for a trial three-month “limited membership” for a new or existing employee of the company to replace a departing MPI member. There is no fee for this trial three-month “limited membership.” Within the three-month “limited membership” period, a new supplier member is required to find a new planner match in order to continue to a full MPI membership with all privileges and benefits.Learn what MPI is doing to help Planners through these tough economic times.

Does MPI offer a membership referral program?


You’re passionate about meetings and events, which is why you’re a member of the MPI community.  And, now when you share that passion, you can profit as well.

Every time you recruit a new full-paying member to MPI, you’ll receive a $25 credit toward your membership renewal.  Recruit 13 new full members and your entire renewal fee is covered.  To get your referral credit, simply have the new member put your name or ID number in the “Referred By” section on the paper application or on the online process.  It’s that easy.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

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